Castle Books

The interesting thing about the Castle books are that they’re actually a series of books supposedly written by Richard Castle of the Castle TV Series. In Castle, Richard Castle is a famous mystery writer who is following Detective Kate Beckett around because she is the inspiration for the star of his new detective series about Nikki Heat.

Heat Rises Richard Castle Tie-in Naked Heat Richard Castle Tie-in Heat Wave Richard Castle Tie-in Deadly Storm Castle Tie-in

The Castle tie-in books follow the story of Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm. It’s actually a fascinating concept for a tie-in series of books. Most series follow the television show and the characters introduced there. Castle’s books don’t  and it makes for a very fun difference, expanding the fictional world of Castle just a little bit wider.

Nikki Heat Series

Nikki Heat is the character Richard Castle based on Kate Beckett in the television series Castle.

  1. Heat Wave
  2. Naked Heat
  3. Heat Rises
  4. Frozen Heat
  5. Deadly Heat
  6. Raging Heat
  7. Driving Heat

Derrick Storm Series

Richard Castle’s fictional bestselling Derrick Storm mystery series.

  1. A Brewing Storm
  2. A Raging Storm
  3. A Bloody Storm
  4. Storm Front
  5. Wild Storm

Derrick Storm Graphic Novels

Finally, there are the graphic novels that tell the story of Derrick Storm, the main character of Richard Castle’s fictional bestselling Derrick Storm mystery series.