The Glades Canceled? Absolutely Not. New Episodes Return Summer 2012

By T. on March 12, 2012

Someone was asking me this weekend if The Glades had been canceled. I, of course, knew it hadn’t been, because I like this show and I would have noticed a press release or news article saying otherwise.

However, I couldn’t say when The Glades would be returning to TV because I didn’t know! So, I came home, looked it up, and am pleased to say the show returns in the summer of 2012 to A&E. Thank goodness. I would have felt kind of foolish if it had turned out to be canceled after all. LOL.

The Glades return in the summer is one I’m truly looking forward to. The show has a spark I really enjoy, while still doing a great job with the murder/crime mystery angle. Here’s hoping for a long run with Jim Longworth and the Florida Everglades.